A high end personal gym in Antwerp

The best way to tell you all about M4teria is to tell you what it’s not. M4teria is not another branch of a large fitness chain where customers are treated like fast food. At M4teria we put personal contact first. From high energy personal training at your own pace to a lazy coffee in our lounge area. From group lessons that are more cozy than crowded to personalized advise from our in house physiotherapist.

At M4teria you won’t find 10.000 members who come and go every 6 months. That’s because we prefer to keep our numbers small. Because if your body is a personal thing, then so is shaping it. Something done best in a private and trusting environment.

You’ll find this focus on quality over quantity not only in the way we treat our customers but in the way we’ve build the gym itself. At M4teria you’ll find the latest fitness technology combined with the most tried and tested fitness techniques, all wrapped up in a luxurious and pleasing atmosphere. Because we feel that the toughest workouts deserve the softest towels. With hot showers and scented soaps to boot. In short, M4teria is everything most others are not. A high end personal gym.




Grote Hondstraat 44 Antwerpen
Phone: +32 (0)3 689 33 22
E-mail: info@m4teria.be
Monday - Thursday 7.00 - 21.30 | Friday 7.00 - 20.00 | Weekend 8.00 -14.00

Nobody likes to wait. So we’ll make sure to find some time in between testing new technologies or celebrating someone’s personal victory, to answer your questions or remarks as fast as possible.

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A gym can have its own professional coaches.
These are the specialists M4teria loves to turn to in times of need.