Efficient training with personal guidance

Healthy resolutions? A personal trainer makes all the difference.

A healthy mind in a fit body, that’s your new year’s resolution too, right? But does starting off fully motivated and then finding yourself slacking sound familiar? Maybe a personal trainer is what you need. THE BRICK has an enthusiastic team of 5 personal trainers: Roy, Wouter, Jonathan, Domien and Jamie. All of them eager to help you make the best of the new year.

Good news: a personal trainer is no longer a privilege for those happy few. Every year more and more people reach out to a personal trainer to help them achieve their goals. And their absolutely right. Not only does a personal trainer support you in finding and maintaining creative and effective workouts, research shows that professional training reduces your chance at injuries and gets you better results.

Interested? Start by asking yourself how much spare time you have, what you want to achieve and most importantly: what you enjoy doing. If you don’t have fun working out, you won’t last long. Plus: it’s always a good idea to set your goals. An ambition could be revalidation after an injury or prepping to run a marathon. Based on your goal(s) your trainer will make you a personal exercise and nutritional schedule.

Once you’ve determined what your goals are, it’s important to find a trainer who matches those goals. Do you want to work on your endurance? Pick a trainer who specialises in endurance, he or she will be able to motivate you in the best possible way. On top of that, figure out what it is you need to get things done: do you need somebody that is strict and demanding to work your ass off? Or do you need someone to cheer you on? We at The Brick like to figure things out alongside you and find you a trainer who matches your needs the best. It’s the best approach for the greatest results.

Interested in the professional guidance of a personal trainer? Get in touch for an appointment, more information or a trial lesson.