Terms & Conditions


  • M4teria reserves the right to change the opening hours, the schedules, the internal rules and the teachers.
  • M4teria is not obligated to provide any compensation in the event of possible cancellations of classes or other services.
  • To participate in sporting activities, appropriate gym attire must be worn, including sports footwear.
  • Coffee, thee, fruit and water are free of charge. Sport drinks are available at a charge.
  • For hygienic reasons towels must be used both in the gym and in the sauna. Towels are provided but remain property of M4teria.
  • Both material and equipment should be left in a decent state after use.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the building. Animals are not allowed in the building.
  • It is forbidden to use or trade illegal drugs in the gym.
  • Children under 16 are not allowed in the training zone. The parents must be present in the building and retain responsibility for the behavior and welfare of the children.
  • At any time, M4teria may deny access or cancel the membership of individuals whose behavior is not in accordance with the internal rules.


1. Non-transferability
Membership is strictly personal and cannot be transferred to third parties.
2. Abuse
In case of abuse the membership will be withdrawn and cancelled. In this case, the member must pay any outstanding monthly membership fees for the current term of the membership agreement.
3. Payment method
3.1. Membership fees are payable monthly in advance by direct debit, except for the first month. The membership fee for the first month is to be paid to M4teria at the start of the membership (i.e. upon signing of the membership agreement).
3.2. The subsequent monthly fees are payable by direct debit before the fifth of the month.
3.3. M4teria offers its members the possibility to prepay the full amount for the initial term of the membership agreement. I such a case no direct debit will be taken. Upon receipt of the full amount, a proof of payment will be provided.
3.4. You are familiar with the fact that your membership is valid from the day of receipt of the first membership fee.
Should a monthly direct debit be revoked or improperly cancelled, M4teria reserves the right to charge a compensation of hundred (100) euro without notice. In case no payment is made, the membership fee will be increased by a penalty clause of ten (10)% of the amount due. In this case, M4teria also reserves the right to terminate the membership agreement with immediate effect.
4. Duration and termination of the membership agreement
4.1. The membership agreement is concluded for a fixed initial term of one (1) year of two (2) years, depending of the chosen formula.
4.2. The membership agreement cannot be terminated by the member during the initial term agreed, except as provided in article 1.4.4.
4.3. The membership agreement will be automatically renewed. If the member does not terminate his membership agreement at least one (1) month before termination of the membership agreement, it will automatically be renewed for one (1) month each time. Termination of the membership agreement is done by means of a registered letter addressed to M4teria, Waalsekaai 57a, 2000 Antwerp, or in person at the reception. Subject to the Act of June 25, 1992 on terrestrial insurance contracts, the member can terminate the membership agreement after the automatic renewal of a fixed-term agreement at any time, in compliance with a term of notice of one (1) month.
4.4. At least one (1) month before the end of the initial term of the membership agreement, the membership agreement can be terminated, which means the member can end the membership at the end of the initial term. Termination of the membership agreement is done by means of a registered letter addressed to M4teria, Waalsekaai 57a, 2000 Antwerp, or in person at the reception.
4.5. At the end of the membership agreement, the current monthly fee for an initial term will apply at each extension of the membership agreement. The member can consult these rates at the desk of M4teria.
4.6. A final termination of the membership agreement during the agreed term of the membership agreement is possible with a medical certificate as evidence or in case of moving beyond a radius of twenty-five (25) km from M4teria, evidenced by a copy of registration at the new location.
4.7. A temporary suspension of the membership agreement is possible in case of a long-term injury, physical injury or illness, on presentation of a medical certificate, or for professional reasons on presentation of a letter signed by the employer as evidence. No retroactive suspension will be accepted. A suspension period is always at least one (1) month, starting on the first day of a specific month and ending on the first day of the next month. In this case, both the expiration date of the membership agreement and financial obligations will be extended for the duration of the temporary suspension, with a maximum of six (6) months.
4.8. The member can in no way claim a refund of membership fees.

2. Limited responsibility
2.1. You are solely responsible for your personal belongings. Therefore, you are advised to take a proper insurance. Neither M4teria or its employees can be held responsible for the loss, damage or theft of any goods in M4teria. M4teria provides lockers for storage of valuable goods. Members use these lockers on their own responsibility. The lockers are locked with a key. In suspected case of abuse of the lockers, M4teria reserves the right to open the locker in presence of the member.
2.2. Each member has a personal accident insurance. In case of an accident not covered by the policy or for amounts exceeding the insurance coverage amount, M4teria can never be held responsible, unless in case of intention or gross negligence of M4teria or its employees or agents.
2.3. Neither M4teria or its employees can be held responsible for death, personal injury or illness of its members, their children and guests present in M4teria gym.
2.4. The liability of M4teria is also limited to the amount equal to the paid membership contributions of the year previous to the accident, with a maximum of one thousand (1.000) euro per claim.

3. Privacy
3.1. Data processing
M4teria behaves in accordance with the Act of December 8, 1992 on the protection of privacy, concerning the processing of your personal data. Your personal information will be entered in our member database and processed for the following purposes: managing the customer base and the products and services, conducting market studies, informing the member about new products and services and promotional campaigns. M4teria may also use your personal data for direct marketing purposes and may disclose these data to third parties for these purposes. You have the right to object, on request and free of charge, to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes. If the member does not want his data to be used in this sense, he can send a message to info@m4teria.be. As responsible for this data processing, M4teria made declaration of this processing to the Belgian Privacy Commission, reg. nr.
3.2. Camera surveillance
To ensure security, pace and order and to prevent undesirable behavior, M4teria makes use of camera surveillance in the reception area, as well as in the training areas. The members are informed when entering the gym and they give their consent.

4. Miscellaneous
4.1. You must inform us about changes concerning your personal data, in writing at the reception.
4.2. M4teria is at your service during opening hours for any questions regarding your membership or payments.
4.3. The membership agreement is governed by the Belgian laws. All disputes arising in connection with the interpretation and execution of the membership agreement will be settled by the courts of the District of Antwerp, Antwerp division.

5.Personal Training
The services of the personal trainers are not included in the membership. The personal trainer is self-employed and is fully responsible for all appointments and actions.

In case of a membership for a minor, a legal guardian must co-sign the membership agreement.

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